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Valley Tech Sales, Inc.
19925 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 100
Cupertino, CA 95041

  • Chip Bonders, Pick & Place Systems
  • Chip/Die Bonders
  • Wafer/Frame Backlap Tape Applicators
  • Pick & Place system
  • UV Tape Cure System
  • Die Matrix Expander and Die Ejector
  • Hot Gas Rework and Hot Gas Module

Auto Dry Cabinets with the following capability:

  • 1 % Rh(1) Humidity attainable in 7 minutes!
  • Heating options for 45°C, 60°C and Up to 100°C!
  • Homogenous humidity throughout the Cabinet!
  • Real time monitoring at a glance!
  • Low energy consumption!
  • Adjust all settings within seconds!
  • Customizable Modern & Ergonomic design!
  • Cooling options down to 15°C
  • Silent operation!
  • Automatic door locks!
  • Datalogger for in depth analysis!